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Marc Armitage has been published more than a dozen times in English, Swedish and Dutch. This page lists a number of those publications some of which are for sale.

Kansen voor de toekomst: Onderwijs en opvoeden in de 21ste eeuw.

[Opportunities for the Future: Education and parenting in the 21st century]

Edited by Karl Catteeuw, Geraldine Clarebout, Ann Derycke, Stephanie van Marcke, Johan L Vanderhoevan.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven/Academisch Vormingsinstituut voor Leraren (2008) (67 pages) in dutch

Het voorbije decennium zijn er trends in het onderwijlandschap waar elke aspirant-leraar vertrouwd mee zou moetenraken. Deze trends komen, net omdat ze zo nieuw zijn , relatief weinig aan bod in de curricula van de lerarenopleidingen. Om een aantal trends toch zichtbaarder te maken voor aspirant-leraren, besloten drie instellingen gezamenlijk seminaries in te richten die enkle thema’s behandelen.

This publication includes a paper in Dutch by Marc Armitage, Over hoeken en kanten van speelplaatsen: Wat doen leerlingen en scholieren tijdens de speeltijd? [On corners and edges of playgrounds: what do students and pupils do during playtime?] (pp 39-48). The paper looks this question from three perspectives: the current, the historical, and the real.  


This publication can be purchased from Plantyn via their website


Inclusion of Disabled Children in Primary School Playgrounds

Helen Wooley, Marc Armitage, Julia Bishop, Mavis Curtis and Jane Ginsborg

Joseph Rowntree Foundation (2006) paperback (53 pages)

With the integration of many disabled children into mainstream education much attention has been paid to their physical and educational needs in and around the school buildings. Little attention, however, has been paid to their experiences in the playground and Inclusion of Disabled Children in Primary School Playgrounds is the first publication to address this issue.

Based on a significant research project the book reveals some of the ways in which disabled children are included in playing on the playground and identifies organisational, social and physical barriers to fuller inclusion suggesting solutions for future development.

Published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as part of the Understanding Children’s Lives Series.  


You can buy this publication here for £9.00 + p&p (see box for details)


Contemporary Legend New Series Vol 9 2006


The Journal of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research  (ISCLR)

ISCLR (2006) paperback (118 pages)

Contemporary Legend, the annual journal of the ISCLR, aims to promote and encourage research and provide a forum for those working in this vibrant area of traditional narrative scholarship. Within this context ‘legend’ is interpreted in its broadest sense including Sagen, dites, popular rumours, sayings and beliefs, as well as narrative.  


This journal includes a paper by Marc Armitage, All about Mary: children’s use of the toilet ghost as a mechanism for dealing with fear. But fear of what? (pp 1-27) which details this very common school ghost story, describes the ritual and detail involved and discusses the possible purpose of such stories. 



This publication is only available to ISCLR members however a version of Marc's paper can be downloaded from the thought-crime website.



Paedagogica Historica Vol XLI (no. IV & V) August 2005

The International Journal of the History of Education
History of Education: Routledge (2005) (155 pages with illustrations)


The History of Education Society seeks to further the study of the history of education by providing opportunities for discussion among those engaged in its study and teaching. This special issue of the Society Journal, edited by Catherine Burke, is sub-titled Containing the School child: Architectures and Pedagogies.


This journal includes a paper by Marc Armitage, The Influence of School Architecture and Design on the Outdoor Play Experience within the Primary School (pp 535-553) which details a historical account of how changes to the design of school buildings and playgrounds has affected how and where children play during playtimes and lunchtimes with numerous photographs and references to historical sources and original research.  


This publication is now out of print however a version of marc's paper can be downloaded from the thought-crime website.



Toys as Communication: Toy research in the late twentieth century (part 2)


Edited by Anders Nelson, Lars-Eric Berg & Krister Svensson

SITREC/Kunliga Tekniska Högskolan (2003) (407 pages with illustrations)

This two part series of books presents a number of papers delivered to the International Toy Research Association conferences held at Halmstad in Sweden in June 1999. The published papers represent a broader discussion of play than just toy research and includes papers on toy figures, children’s collections, computer games and playgrounds.

The book includes a paper by Marc Armitage, What do you mean you don’t like it? Interpreting children’s perceptions of the playground as an aid to designing effective playspace (pp 343-356), which details the results of a research project carried out in partnership with children and young people that aimed at learning what makes a public playground work and what does not.  


This publication is now out of print however a version of Marc's paper and one other delivered to the same conference can be found on the thought-crime website.


Play Today in the Primary School Playground

Edited by Julia Bishop & Mavis Curtis

Open University Press (2001) paperback (204 pages with illustrations)

This book examines the free play of children in middle childhood, exploring their actual playing in the primary school playground. It counters the widespread concern about the supposed decline in children’s play with fresh evidence from Australia, Canada, France, Israel and Great Britain of the vibrancy, creativity and variety of free play.

The detailed case studies discuss the many aspects of children’s play traditions including the use of space, the ways in which children learn and adapt games and rhymes in multicultural settings, and children’s creative and subversive use of mass media items.

The book includes a paper by Marc Armitage, The ins and outs of school playground play: children’s use of ‘play places’ (pp37-57) which details some of the ways in which children informally organise their  playground space into definable places in which particular types of play are found.  

 You can buy this publication here for £19.99 + p&p 


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