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Services for Bereaved Children: Joined-up provision from care to counselling
April 15th 2011 | 4 comment(s)

 Westminster Studio (London) 27th April 2011

Neil Stuart Associates will be holding the above event at Policy Review TV’s Westminster Studio (London) on 27th April 2011.

This conference will give the opportunity to discuss best practice with leading experts and how the needs of bereaved children can be met through joined-up thinking from hospices and hospitals, schools, local authorities, community and voluntary organisations.

Bereavement services are moving up the political agenda, with the Palliative Care Review bringing funding changes for end-of-life and bereavement services in 2011. The Review’s interim report stresses the need for better integration of health and social care services, echoing the End of Life Care Strategy’s statement that care does not stop at the point of death.

The purpose of the conference is to:

• Map the journey from end-of-life care to bereavement support, and discuss how to provide joined-up services
• Explore methods for developing bereavement care in hospitals, including A&E
• Get advice on setting up and leading bereavement support groups
• Hear an update from the Palliative Care Funding Review, and the impact this will have on funding for bereavement services
• Discuss how bereavement professionals can forge and improve relationships with health services for better communication, including hospices and GPs
• Examine ways to support the most vulnerable children:
looked-after and disadvantaged children
• Explore best practice in working with older children and young people
• Discuss strategies for hospices, charities and local authorities to gain community involvement and support
• Learn how best to support children following sudden and unexpected death
• Consider the link between parental loss and delinquency and what can be done to prevent this

For more details see or contact Jacqueline Gorman at

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