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Children as Economic Contributors and Consumers
August 8th 2011 | 2 comment(s)

University of Cambridge (UK) 30th September - 2nd October 2011


The Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past (SSCIP) will be holding their 2011 Autumn Conference (above) at the University of Cambridge.

The theme this year will be child labour in the past. As in previous years, the conference will include sessions addressing the conference theme and also and on other aspects of recent research into children and childhood in the past.

In 2011, the themed sessions will bring together scholars from a wide range of academic disciplines including history, archaeology, literature, sociology and anthropology to consider different aspects of children and work in the past, including children as economic contributors, children as consumers, the impact on children and society of working in childhood, and changing attitudes to working children. The aim will be to advance cross-cultural knowledge and understanding of childhood and children in the past, and in particular on the nature and impact of work performed by, or for, children in the past.
Speakers from three continents will be attending and papers will range from prehistory to the modern day with a particular focus on the nineteenth century.


To find out more and to register for the conference visit

Or contact Dr Carenza Lewis at

Postal address: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge, Downing St, Cambridge CB2 3ER.






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