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August 21st 2011 | 2 comment(s)

A second paper written by Marc Armitage has been uploaded to the website.

The paper titled, ‘What do you mean you don’t like it? Interpreting children’s perceptions of the playground as an aid to designing effective playspace.’ was first written for the 2nd International Toy Research Conference held in Halmstad, Sweden in June 1999. The paper, which shares some of the themes of the previously uploaded paper, defines a number of design recommendations for building new or redeveloping existing playgrounds based on two separate forms of field research, one of which was led by children and young people. These recommendations were adopted by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (UK) as part of their design process.

This is the second paper of a planned sixty-ish that Marc plans to make available on the website. Other authors will be published shortly too. Comments and remarks on this paper would be greatly received.

It is planned for to develop into a source of old and hard to find academic work on children and young people, their play and wider social lives. To make comments on this paper or to offer work for inclusion contact Marc at

To download the paper click the pdf logo below or see the main listings page [here].


'What do you mean you don't like it?' Interpreting children's perceptions of the playground as an aid to designing effective playspace.'

Marc Armitage (1999) 4,800 words/9 pages.







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