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The State of Play - a professional development day at the University of Gloucestershire
February 10th 2012 | 6 comment(s)

Friday 27th January 2012


An unashamedly long Reflection piece ... because like all good hair products, it was worth it. Well done to all.

This was a very well attended day of both graduate and undergraduate playwork students and practitioners held by the Play and Playwork team at the University of Gloucester. Eight papers were delivered in total with some lasting an hour and other 10 minutes. The reflections below represent my own take on what was said but overall I can say it was a very interesting and thought provoking day.

A professional development day that can not only keep an old dog like me interested for the whole time but also spark some interesting links and ideas is a successful one in my book. Very clear progression from last year’s Philosophies at Play conference too. Short comments from me follow each summary below.

Always difficult to define highpoints in a successful day but in particular I would say:

  • In considering the death of childhood, “There is no substance without its historical context.”


  • “A culture that does not value children’s play will not value a group of people who take this as their core work.”


  • “If children do not see ‘play’ in the developmental aspects of delivery in many child based settings then why should an educational/developmental paradigm be taken as dominant in the play training for those in the children’s workforce?”


  • “Children’s lives are made up of moments, fleeting moments, each of which is significant for its own reasons.”


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A pdf version of the whole paper can be found [here]


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