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A Ghost Dog, Exorcism and a Playful Playworker
May 5th 2012 | 8 comment(s)


When I’m away working in North-West Wales I tend to stay at a very nice guest house on Anglesey called Nant Yr Odyn (proprietors Wendy and Andy Chape). I’ve been visiting quite a few years now and can well recommend it.

My last week-long visit, which has just ended, was a bit more unusual though. When I arrived on Sunday evening, Wendy told me that I was going in Room 3 and that I needed to be careful. A previous guest had asked if there had ever been a small white dog living in the building because she’d seen one in that room during the night. The ‘ghost dog’ became the week’s topic of conversation with different members of staff asking me multiple times a day if I had heard or seen anything spooky during the week.

Then one day, after a series of field trips, I returned to find a doggy treat tied to the door handle of my room. But I got my own back … I popped into the local Asda and bought the beast pictured below and hid it in Room 3 after I had checked out.

I got home late on Friday to find the following email waiting for me:

“You’re getting as mad as the rest of us! Kennel charges will be shown on your next invoice, together with exorcism fees.”

Score one for the playful playworker, I think! But at 'One-Nil' I’m now worried what I’m going to find on my next trip to Anglesey.  Gulp.


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