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October 2nd 2011

Child and Adolescent Health and Well-being: Confronting parental alcohol misuse and its effect on children
(Thought Crime - Conference News)

  Broadway House, London SW1 (UK) 10th November 2011   The Childhood Research and Policy Centre at the Institute of Education (University of London) are holding the above special symposium in central London. Over the years, alcohol policy in the UK has been predominately shaped around the negative consequences of harmful drinking on an individual’s health and behaviour, particularly amongst young people. What has largely been...
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October 2nd 2011

Children, Violence, Community and the Physical Environment
(Thought Crime - Call for Papers)

  CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Abstracts are being sought for a special issue of Children, Youth and Environments on the above topic edited by guest editor Kevin Lalor. All papers should concern themselves with aspects of place. They should make clear how children enact their lives in particular places and how specific place-related characteristics affect their (right to) safety. For example topics and more information, see:
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