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February 24th 2011

The Game of 'Block': more than just hiding
(Marc Armitage)

Marc will be presenting a paper at the annual conference of the Folklore Society to be held at the University of Worcester 15th - 17th April 2011. The paper, titled, The game of 'Block': more than just hiding, will explore this very common hiding and hunting game (called by many different names around the world *) in detail looking at the complex ritual and language associated with it, and the importance of the 'Block Post', the place the game...
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February 23rd 2011

The Centre for the Study of Play & Recreation: Launch Event
(Thought Crime - Call for Papers)

  University of Greenwich 17th May 2011 The University of Greenwich, London (UK) is calling for papers and presentations for an event to launch The Centre for the Study of Play & Recreation to be held at the university on May 12th 2011. The centre is calling for multidisciplinary papers or presentations on any aspect of play or recreation, either as academic research, or as a form of social practice and community engagements. Topi...
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February 11th 2011

Colin Ward: a Personal and Professional Influence ...
(Marc Armitage)

Marc will be presenting a paper at this special conference to celebrate the life and work of Colin Ward, writer, social theorist and anarchist, who died early in 2010. Organised by the faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge, this multi-disciplinary conference will see papers being delivered from fields as diverse as education, architecture and design, social geography, politics, children's rights, and playwork, among others.Marc will be concentrating on ...
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