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October 13th 2012

Blog – from Space hero to pop star
(Marcs Blog)

  When I was living and working in Sweden, a friend and fellow PhD student of mine with the Högskolan i Halmstad (the University of Halmstad) called Anders Nelson, now Dean of the University, told me a story about his young son Viktor. At one stage Viktor had a thing about Buzz ‘To infinity and beyond’ Lightyear – and frankly who wouldn’t? Buzz was a movie star (first in the film Toy Story, then later in the follow-up Toy Story 2, and more recently in...
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October 3rd 2012

Who has the right to smack whom?
(Marcs Blog)

    Delaware, the first US State and oldest of the original 13 colonies, has become the first to prohibit corporal punishment (the smacking of children) by their own parents (26th September 2012). Thirty-one of the fifty States plus the District of Columbia have previously banned corporal punishment in schools (including Delaware in 2003) but this is the first case of a State banning corporal punishment of children in all circumstances.    It is inte...
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