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June 19th 2012

Converse shoes – the playwork badge of office
(Marcs Blog)

I’ve been asked a number of times why I continue to wear black and white Converse originals on my feet and am rarely seen without them – even in a suit (true story). Today, I explain one of the reasons why.   This last week I have tied neck-ties onto two primary school boys about to have their school photos taken (trickier than I thought as I’ve never actually a put a tie on someone else) and tied up the shoe lace of another younger boy in a day-care setting....
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June 10th 2012

A Tree and a Boy
(Marcs Blog)

Mike Lanza at Playborhood recently wrote,   “Most children, particularly young ones, don’t care at all about privacy in their yards. Rather, they want to play, and when they reach a certain age, they’re very keen to find playmates to share in their play. Most parents ignore this fact when they erect high bushes and fences for privacy."   That’s a very good point and in general I agree but want to share one example of where this...
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