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January 16th 2013

Children's Independent Mobility - a radio interview
(Marc Armitage)

Marc Armitage (Independent Children's Play Consultant) and Ingrid Wilkinson (Nature Play Volunteer Coordinator with Play England) took part in an radio interview with BBC Radio Humberside on Wednesday 16th January 2013 to discuss children's independent mobility in the light of rec...
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May 15th 2012

The Importance of Touching Stuff
(Marcs Blog)

  Some years ago I related an observation made in a neighbourhood street in a paper I wrote for a conference. In front of me was a young man, of maybe four going five, who was walking along the footpath with a stick in one hand and his (what I presume) was his mothers in the other. ...
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September 23rd 2011

Do Children Need More Time With Their Parents, or Less?
(Marcs Blog)

  ‘Quality time’, far from being the time that children spend with their parents, may actually be the time that they spend ‘away’ from them.   Posing a question in 2005 Paul Martin said, “We all say we want children to be happy, but it is a noto...
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