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April 28th 2014

Playing, obesity, well-meaning adults, a bit of history and a dose of reality
(Marcs Blog)

The approach that often well-meaning campaigns, such as the latest Irish ‘Let’s take on childhood obesity’ campaign, adopt in relation to children playing, often leaves me cold. This current Irish campaign takes on the slogan ‘Bring Back Play’ and helpfully lists...
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May 15th 2012

Special News for those in Ireland working with children and young people
(Marc Armitage)

PLAY & LEARNING - A Residential Summer School   with MARC ARMITAGE and STEVE GOODE at the University of Limerick (Ireland) 23rd – 27th July 2012 Marc and Steve are presenting the first ever residential summer school on a PLAYWORKING approach to working with chi...
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May 8th 2012

Old School is the best School
(Marcs Blog)

  I am quite varied in my research interests as far as children and young people, their play and their wider social lives are concerned. But one interest I have in particular is in exploring the differences between design intentions and actual use. I also like exploring changes in the de...
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April 28th 2012

Should children Have Access to facebook?
(Marcs Blog)

  Why is it that a legislator feels the necessity to legally protect the rights of adults in relation to privacy and social networking but not of children and young people?    Following a spate of stories showing prospective employers demanding job interviewees hand ove...
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September 14th 2011

Schools to be given power to set their own day
(Marcs Blog)

  The United Kingdom coalition government has announced that they are going to give all schools in England the power to set the start, end and length of their school day. A sensible measure? Well, I can see two issues here.   First, a clear negative one. This move seems firm...
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