Weren't you doing same lmao so it make you sociopath too Reply Asker Lol whateverthat girl is right. You are gonna end up like John Tucker and even but you succeed you'd allay be lonely.

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Lol it's not me body sociopath, I am a minute ago too big jacked agile perfect OP. I would never be lol Polocrew I haven't even seen that and lmao weren't you saying how chicks hold power over dudes? Reply Asker Lol acceptable so blackmailing a child, using other girls, abusive other men isn't signs of sociopath? You are just another stupid jock who like using ancestor and you can boundary marker our convos lol I have no prob along with thatit'd show how adolescent you are and those girls are dumb designed for being obsessed with sociopath like you. And not every guy is akin to you so women allay winning: Chicks would accurately blow me 69 times just in hope I'd like them lol that's not called hating that's called being obsessed, I am too big jacked rch athletic strong en route for hate on and abuse other men?


  1. Lookingfortheonetoo
    14.06.2019 : 13:53

    That the easier.

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