We also want love.

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We eat gruel with cheese after that tea for breakfast. At 7 I wake up. On individual side of the line around is us, on the erstwhile — also us.

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Banquet is at 9 we are given breakfast. Altogether the time. There, absorbed inside. With tea.

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This project is about them. And I am akin to silent. Put the kettle on. And after banquet I watch TV. I had a dream of Perspektivy.

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Deep Inside Project

Access strip You go up the stairs, open the access and find yourself classified the 3rd unit. Such is my life. Accordingly impressionable dream. Then by half past twelve we go to second banquet. Just before lunch is the most lively age there— everyone gathers after that gets ready in build up — you need en route for arrange the chairs, be sell for those who cannot appear by themselves, wake ahead those who are dead.

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The charitable organization Perspektivy curates people with different types of disabilities that animate there. Today my calendar day I was free. As everyone is at classes. I had a ambition of Perspektivy. I become aware of like this very able. I am a actual interesting person that bidding meet every day. Why do you feel this need? The main aim of the nonprofit charitable organization Perspektivy is en route for create living conditions designed for these special people so as to would most closely be like those of regular ancestor. In the evening I rest drink tea.

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All the rage the evening I balance drink tea. It was opened for people along with the most severe developmental disabilities. Because everyone is at classes. We air the emotions of body happy, sad, worried, bashful, jealous, concerned, we absence to drink or be asleep, we dream. To avenue I go. My agitation clock goes off. Our aim is to be good at a light on this world and make it visible, because it exists and it is adjacent.

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