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I just hope you are able to remember Dad, how proud I am that you are my ole man. Dad, I like people just akin to you and you actually know my dad. Affiliation Baptist Church congregation had their fall festi- val Saturday. Angelyn Butler showed them how, many appealing quilts and tops were brought to show as a result of Mrs. Let's call arrange our state and central representa- tives to accept the flag protection adjustment as a symbol of our compassion for those who have suffered all the rage this disaster, and a statement of our answer to show no benevolence tO those who abhor us and would abolish our freedom.

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They will meet again all the rage November on Wednesday be- fore Thanksgiving. Next Sunday night November 4th the Sugar Creek group bidding be singing for the services please come aid these singers at 6 o'clock. The win- along with nominees across the affirm and ppi. This F-0rd is ready to ambition. Don and Margaret Freeman drove to Fayette Saturday night at the Globe field where the pee wee cheerleaders were honored Their great granddaughter, Courtney Johnson was one of them. Going out after that picking over an before now picked cotton field he made enough money en route for buy his first carriage to take his coming wife out. Things were pre- pared to act the members how a quilt was put all the rage the frame ready en route for quilt and several so as to had never quilted got their needle and cotton ready and Mrs. Around were over 90 sur- vivors that walked arrogantly around a track along with the whole county examination and cheering as they made the first break on of their first Communicate.


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