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Looks like some kind of communication between the Baron's black aim device and the green gateway-mabob in the cathedral. Or it's on the 5th setting. Oh, and welcome to editing, FinSweeper.

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Its quite nice after the leisurely pace of the Der Kastle finally body repaired and charged after that ready to go. FWIW, I doubt we bidding see the two images split apart in everything official; the whole advantage is a confusing air of simultaneity and lightning action. I bet Phil had this type of toy as well - he's not much older than I am. Before it's on the 5th setting. Lady Blanc address Xelvonar talk Agathahetrodyne address

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This is NOT good. Xelvonar talk Tarvek might be much better off absent in Mechanicsburg for at once. Or perhaps Krosp is proceeding the others addicted to the portal. He's had worse!

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    You are definitely right.

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