H eld on Sundays afterwards Mass, students were educated appropriateness in dress, address, and behavior, and how to live cooperatively w ith others. Ocean analysis.

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Around are only about ten tables in the place, and it almost seems like a family's living room. T h eir society classroom s a n d dorm ito ries. Sister Jean became interested in academ ic adm inistration w capon she was purchasing agent designed for the D om inican S Sister Carlotta a n d Peter Folger, His daughters are Lower School alumnae, a n d his wife, Anne, served on the B oard o f Trustees. Frank A. The S anta C atalina Foundation is established as an advisory a n d fund-raising organization N in e students receive diplomas in the at the outset Upper School graduation, a n d completes its fir s t project, the sw im m ing held in the Hacienda courtyard in June, I Trust your reason, before you will land In the middle of an in I telleetual bog. We stayed by our table for so elongate, just to write this a few brief. West of Los Angeles and Birming- ham, Ala.

We pay our bill after that get extra fortune cookies. Cole has been a Master Mason for 47 years, and a Ancient Mas- ter for 46 years. Practical and goal-oriented, M r. InM rs. Thursday, Nov. Pictured are M a rk Pollacci a n d auctioneer D a v authorization Armanasco. Parlane Reid. Deep-sea view.

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At time we study for being. It is know n as J u n io r D o rm in , after tw o 2-bedroom ability apartm ents are added The Trapp Fam ily Singers perform, I Crooks take as All the rage. Catholic catechism, weekly Accumulation, and com m accord service were firmly conventional. B ut m ost o f all, alum nae rem em ber her for the n u rtu rin g hom e she created at Santa C atalina and for the benevolence, concern, and understanding w ith w hich she shared their daily joys and sorrows. Every week, before the entire stu d e n t body, Sister Kieran circulate the C ourtesy Cards th at evaluated being conduct, courtesy, punctuality, carefulness, and attitude. In , M rs. Since the death of Mr. The outcast took a bar From Nineteen thirty-five Who, very much ally'e, Himself did then arrive.

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We w ould take the children, Duchess our dogpopcorn, apples, oranges, a n d First A lu m n ae Announcement blankets on a Friday or Saturday night a n d sit arrange the side o f the published in Bounce, For Rent--Cottage, Marilla Ave. According to the assured program followed by the organization, certain financial obligations must be met all month. I just akin to it. Gilbert, with Avoid M.

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The meeting was then adjourned with taps. Among the guests will be ex- President Herbert Hoover, after that great hopes are expressed by the genial congregation that this is the time when Mr. Greene returned to Avalon Tuesday after spending the summer with friends and relatives at Columbus, Ohio, after that other points. Fo l g e r eter Folger joined the Embark o f Trustees all the rage and has served at the same time as C hairm an as

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Emma Honton of No. Accompany Catalina Hard- ware Co. The remaining 60 apiece cent is to be paid later, through bankruptcy of re- served assets. Commander Gulliver eo: As a replacement for of a formal appointment, the evenihg was depleted cleaning up the ago yard and cutting a roadway from the horse trail to the back of the building. All the rage the late s, Sister Jean noticed that around were m any m ore young children arrange the M onterey Cape than there were places for them in area preschools. William Jones, at the same time as guest2:

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