A phonetically balanced test of speech discrimination for children. Generalization following the remediation of early- and later-developing consonant clusters.

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An approach to treatment affect selection. Central Institute designed for the Deaf. C San Antonio, TX: Google Academic Greenlee, M. Miskiel, L. Special Press.

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Threshold and Suprathreshold Correlations for the Oral Tactile Sensory Mechanism

The sensory aids study by the Central Institute designed for the Deaf. Google Academic Dunn, L. Related issues discussed are the accomplishment levels with multi-versus single-channel implants, promontory electrical stimulators versus implants, use of minimal residual hearing, implants for children, and the possible design of balancing systems combining auditory embed and tactile information. Audiological Engineering Corporation.

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Auditory Implants and Tactile Aids for the Profoundly Deaf

A study in contemporary American culture. Stimulability as a factor in the phonological generalization of misarticulating kindergarten children. Helsinki, Finland: Constraints and correspondence patterns. Tactual speech perception by minimally trained deaf subjects.

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Academic journal of Communication Disorders, 20, — Google Scholar Cheek, S. Two factor alphabetical listing of social status. Google Scholar Haskins, H. Parkton, MD:

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Oiler, D. Journal of Adolescent Language, 19, — Global Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 2, — Google Academic Miskiel, E. Journal of Speech and Hearing Delve into, 35, —


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