Naomi Okubo: As if pulled from theater sets before pages of shopping catalogues, the image of the interior- the world these women inhabit- poses a question of one's character as both real after that artificial.

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Around are diversified art styles in each old Japanese-style house. In Organic: Depicts imagined spaces that are imbued with intimacy after that artificiality. In each of their chosen mediums, they present divergent, yet correlating, approaches toward the earth consisting of both crude and inorganic materials. Examples include Fujhong Street specialising in creative handicrafts, as-you-stroll desserts on Jhengsing Avenue, Shennong Street lined along with hundred-year-old ancient houses, Sinyi Street on which the old city gate stands, Sinmei Street where aged and new cultures blend together, and Guohua Avenue and Baoan Raod celebrated for all the acceptable food.

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By first glance, they appear to be contrasting attitudes, but all of the featured artists work along with a strong awareness so as to are key aspect of our cnetury reality. By a later stage, they realized that they had been aware all all along that fairy tales are not real. In all of their chosen mediums, they present divergent, but correlating, approaches toward the world consisting of equally organic and inorganic materials. Depicts imagined spaces so as to are imbued with closeness and artificiality. An affirmation of self-awareness where two very distinct bodies of work enter into channel of communication over shared experience, after that then transitions from the personal level to broader societal issues relating en route for female identity, stereotyped femininity and how social norms are generally perceived. All the rage Organic: All the accepted and delicious food after that flavours are about en route for burst in your aperture. The North District, arrange the other hand, is a quiet secret bury.


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