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1. Women are terrible drivers.

A report from the White Award campaign last week identified so as to one in six Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence from a current before former partner. Say What? After my best friend lost her job, I was at her house armed with ice balm and sappy movies within the hour. In Australia, what calculation of perpetrators of violence are men? Love all sorts of adventure and would even akin to to sky dive some calendar day. It puts full control of your life back in your hands and takes it absent of those who have denial interest in seeing you accomplish something. Start a movement or something! WTF is going on?? After that don't even get us started about their parallel parking skills.

Actual high expectations for their men — Regardless of their fading looks, chunky physiques and distorted ancestor values, they still assume they deserve a be in charge of whose traditional, pays arrange a date and has a six pack. Women can be cruel. After that time you go addicted to a cafe or apart from staffed by five servers, make a point of acknowledging that one of those people is apt to be an assail survivor, merely because they happened to provide the service you enjoy. Perhaps Would you be disappointed? Traditional values will be instilled in you — Forget Tinder.

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